Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...."


Due April 14th

Challenge A Guide Spring Week 13

Math - Lessons 117-120 , Inv 12,  Test 22...MATH EXAM THIS WEEK

Latin -  Read pages ,  Complete the exercises on pages 70-71.  Review all the grammar rules and vocabulary from 1st semester. 

The Lost Tools of Writing -   Students should be outlining their apologetics paper.  Look under Arrangement for details.

Here is a summary of all the lessons we have covered so far.

Investigation Week

1.  Ask a question.

2.  Make it an issue.

3.  Begin your ANI chart.

4.  Go through the 5 common topics to add to your ANI chart.  pg11

5.  Use the comparison worksheet to add to your ANI chart.  pg67

6.  Consider the circumstances.  Watch the video for Ls 7 Invention.  Add to ANI chart.

6.  You need 30 reasons for affirmative & negative this week.

Arrangement Week

1.  Sort the Affirmative and Negative columns

2.  Categorize Affirmative and Negative Reasons

3.  Choose your point of view on the issue

4.  Choose best 3 proofs and supporting points

5.  Outline paper  (pg 30 & 31) 

6.  Add Exordium.  (pg 29)

7.  Include an Amplification (Lesson 4 Arrangement Video)

Exposition Week

1.  Write your essay, skipping lines.

2.  Add parrallelism.

3.  Edit all verbs, eliminating passive verbs, vague verbs & chilches.

4.  Edit your subjects, making sure they are not passive, hidden or missing.

Biology - Test on digestive system.  Begin working on the eye.

Geography - GEO TERM EXAM!  In class we will work on our world map.

Rhetoric - Working on apologetics paper.